Quiz: 35 Things True New Englanders Know
35 Things True New Englanders Know
By: Torrance Grey
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bNew England. It's generally defined as the six states above New York: Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut. In addition, it's often thought of as where the modern United States was born; even its name recalls England, the nation we battled to become an independent country. To this day, if you want to see important Revolutionary War sites and artifacts, New England is the place to go. 

So, New England has had a bit of a head start on the rest of the nation in terms of developing its own way of speaking, cooking, and viewing the world. In other parts of America, if you ask what a New Englander is like, there are certain things you're likely to hear: Plain-spoken. Hard-working. Traditional. And, of course, that we're defiant supporters of the Upper Northeast's marquee sports teams, most notably the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox. 

Are those things true across the board? Of course not. New England has large cities that are on the cutting edge of change and cultural diversity. Boston, of course, comes to mind here. But there are large stretches of New England that are rural, where the accents are thick as maple syrup in February, and the figures of speech they use are the same ones you'd have heard a hundred years earlier. (Exhibit No. 1: "Ayuh.")

How solid is your New England cred? We've created a quiz to help you find out -- or, if you're not from Yankee territory, to learn a thing or two. Enjoy!

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Some foods should never come out of a can. Which of these is one?
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In which state is Portland?
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Where's the best place to get your winter clothing and gear?
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Where is L.L. Bean's flagship store?
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Time for coffee! Pull over at that _________.
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Which of these infamous crimes lived in Fall River, Massachusetts?
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Pick the sandwich that is NOT a New England tradition.
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What day is Prince Spaghetti day?
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When New Englanders use the word "wicked," it's most often what part of speech?
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In Boston, you don't "make" a U-turn, you _____ one.
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In which part of New England would you frequently hear "Oh my heck"?
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How many of the Ivy League's eight colleges are in New England?
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Which of these horror writers were from the Upper Northeast?
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Speaking of horror writers, H.P. Lovecraft created a famous fictitious school, Miskatonic University. In what state was it located?
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True or false: New England has a NASCAR raceway.
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Which type of fashion has its roots in the upper Northeast?
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Which is worse: Getting "turned around some" or getting "some turned around"?
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Which of these is a New Englandism for "lost"?
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If something is "elegant," what is it?
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Which state has the "Down East" region?
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If someone is "cunning," what are they?
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If you grew up in an affluent part of Boston, you were from a _______ home.
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Which of these is the classic Yankee way to agree with someone?
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Where would you find the city of Mystic?
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A "boiled dinner" is a classic of the region. Which of these does not, generally, belong in it?
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Which state refers to out-of-staters as "flatlanders"?
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What doesn't belong in clam chowder?
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New Haven, Connecticut, is (oddly enough) associated with which of these ethnic foods?
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Scores of "peepers" have come to your town. What should you do?
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