35 Things Only True Vancouverites Know

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So, you think you know everything about Vancouver, British Columbia, eh? Well, in this quiz, we're going to discover the truth. Only true Vancouverites need apply.

The B-99 travels along _____.

Vancouverties know that the B-99 bus line travels along Broadway and connects you to the University of British Columbia. It's the most popular B-line route in Vancouver.

Naam is for ______.

Naam is where local vegetarians go to veg. Not only do they have sumptuous food, but they also have live music!

Wreck Beach is for _____.

Wreck beach is where the nudists go. If you're a true Vancouverite, then you're not afraid to show a little skin.

The Pirate Pak can be found where?

White Spot is where you go on Pirate Pak Day. Not only are you raising money for charity, but you're also getting the Legendary Burger.

You probably own a _____ condo.

If you live in Vancouver, there's a good chance that you live in a glass condo. In fact, you'd never want to live anywhere else.

You have full respect for the _____ lane.

The bike lane is no joking matter. No doubt, you know the politics behind the bike lane all too well.

You're used to being asked if you speak _____.

Folks from Vancouver never get asked if they speak French - except perhaps by uninformed foreigners. Only the Quebecois speak French.

Vancouverites know _____ lingo.

Vancouverites are fluent in rain and cloud lingo. In fact, they can look up at the sky and know what is about to happen.

For a light-mist rain, you wear what?

Literally, light-mist rain is T-shirt weather. You could even wear flip flops if you like.

For Vancouverites, _____ is business casual.

Vancouverites are really down-to-Earth people. That means that Gore-Tex is business casual.

What should tall Vancouverites do with their umbrellas?

Very important to know your umbrella etiquette. Be sure to raise your umbrella to allow clearance for shorter umbrella-carriers.

You shake your umbrella out ______ entering a building.

You always shake your umbrella out before you enter a building. This is another little bit of umbrella etiquette.

Vancouverites are best with ______.

By far, Vancouverites are better with the rain. Snow is less common, so when it happens everyone goes crazy.

The first day of _____ is the happiest day of your life.

You know that when that sun finally appears, it's like you're reborn. The weeks leading up to spring are filled with anticipation.

You drink beer at the ______ Brewery.

If you're a true Vancouverite, you drink beer at the Granville Island Brewery. The seasonal brews are the best, like the Lions Winter Ale.

On Sundays, you have to go to ______ .

Vancouverites know that BC liquor stores are generaly closed on Sundays. But cold wine and beer stores are open!

You eat _____ chocolates.

Life would not be the same without Purdy's chocolates. You can't do without hazelnut hedgehogs.

In Vancouver, _____ is a big deal.

In Vancouver, sushi is a big deal. You'll travel out of your way to get your favorite BC roll.

Who is the architect of the Triple-Triple Burger?

Nat Bailey is the creator of White Spot and a national hero. Without him, there would be no Triple-Triple Burger or Adult Shake.

You never go to Granville Island _____.

You love Granville Island, but you know not to go there on a holiday or long weekend. Just forget about summer.

You think Granville Street is ______.

For most Vancouverites, Granville Street is either a blessing or a curse. Either opinion is accepted.

An American store opening in town is _____.

Sure, an American store opening in town is great, and a big deal. Keeps you from having to do more online shopping.

The ______ that you attend is just as important as university.

For Vancouverites, the high school that you attend is just as important as the university you attend. Crofton!

Do Vancouverites drink alcohol at the beach?

Yes, it's illegal, but Vancouverites still do it. In Vancouver, some laws need to be ignored.

Vancouverites are very ______ about weed.

Vancouverites are very lax about weed. Sure, it's illegal, but we already established how much that means.

Is Vancouver a great place for filming a movie?

Vancouver is often passed off as another city in movies. It's in, like, a bazillion movies. "Twilight," anyone?

Have the Canucks won the Stanley Cup?

Warning: If you got this question wrong, you're NOT a Vancouverite. They've never won, as of 2017, but you still love the Canucks so.

You think that Alberta is ______.

Every Vancouverite knows that Alberta is lame. Vancouverites don't know for sure why, but they just know.

You use the word _____ a lot.

There's the West Side, the West End, and West Vancouver. Vancouverites have to explain this a lot to people.

Do Vancouverites have an NBA team?

Vancouverites no longer have an NBA team. Gone are the days of the Grizzlies. They're working on it, though, as of 2017.

Who drives the SkyTrain?

Sorry folks, but no one is driving that SkyTrain car. This tends to freak out the out-of-towners.

Vancouverites know all about _____ drills.

Vancouverites have been through a number of earthquake drills. Everyone knows to drop, cover and hold.

Who commutes in the morning?

Sure, Vancouverites commute, but so do the crows. You can catch them flying from Burnaby Lake to Downtown Vancouver each day.

Can you snowshoe and kayak in the same day?

Yes, you truly can, and Vancouverites do! Whistler Blackcomb is so nearby. Vancouver truly has a diverse landscape.

"O Canada" plays at _____.

The "O Canada" horns have been playing at noon since 1967. The horns are located at Canada Place.

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