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No chic coffee table book can teach you how to be a true Parisian. But this quiz can! We'll explore what it really takes to display your savoir-faire​ on a trip to Paris.

Wear a scarf in _____.

The scarf is for all seasons. It's a Parisian staple. Even in the warmth of summer, you have to know how to wear a scarf.

Only go to a dinner party that starts at ____.

It's only fashionable if the dinner party starts at 9pm or later. This applies to each day of the working week.

____ as if your life depended on it.

Oui. Smoke as if your life depended upon it. All Parisians smoke.

Do Parisians visit the Eiffel Tower?

Parisians do not visit the Eiffel Tower. That is for tourists. That being said, sometimes when it sparkles at night they shed a little tear.

It's important to eat ______.

Parisians eat for enjoyment, and they don't beat themselves up about it. Go ahead and eat that croissant for breakfast.

Always kiss _____.

You must always, always kiss on both cheeks. It will be awkward if you only kiss one cheek.

Wearing workout clothes on the streets is ______.

To wear workout clothes, even to the grocery store, is frowned upon. You should always make sure that you look your best.

When it comes to wine, _____.

When it comes to wine, it's not enough to just order a red. You need to have your favorite, and you must order it often.

After dinner, order _____.

All Parisians order espresso after a meal. You can pass on dessert, but not the coffee.

Buy a cashmere sweater at ______.

As a Parisian, there's no underestimating the power of Monop’. It's a cheap but chic city market that is for insiders only.

Parisians are _____ to their friends.

Parisians are incredibly loyal to their friends. It's a love/hate relationship, but there's always loyalty.

Leave Paris in ______.

All Parisians know that August is the time to get out of town. The only people in Paris in August are the tourists.

In terms of drinking, Parisians frequent _____.

In terms of drinking, it's not all about buying a bottle of wine and sitting by the Seine. You want to hit up Canal Saint-Martin.

Do Parisians believe in road rage?

Parisians are big fans of road rage. When in Paris, be sure to honk, shout and wave your arms.

To talk for hours is to _____.

Parisians talk for hours, and it's considered a very good way of passing the time. In Paris, they say, "remake the world."

When a Parisian is a tourist in New York, they are ______ to other tourists.

It's important to hate tourists when you're in Paris. But for Parisians, it's equally important to hate tourists when you are a tourist.

How is standing in line?

For a Parisian, standing in line is the worst experience on Earth. There's nothing that Parisians hate more.

When Americans are having dinner, Parisians are having _____.

At the hour when you're having dinner, the Parisians are enjoying L'apéro. This cocktail hour starts at about 7pm.

Parisians talk in _____.

Parisians talk in negatives all the time. For example, if something is good, you say "it's not bad."

Who is more powerful, you or the fonctionnaire?

The fonctionnaire is the official who handles paperwork - any kind of paperwork. You're always in control, and you must get what you want from them.

Who smiles?

Always remember that most French people smile, but Parisians do not. Perhaps that's because their rent is so expensive.

Parisians say they don't exercise, and in truth, ______.

Parisians say they don't exercise, and in truth, they don't exercise. There's absolutely no need.

When something happens, _______.

The dismissive shrug is very important for Parisians. Casually shrug it off, pout your lips and exhale.

When stuck behind a slow pedestrian, ______.

Give a deep, bitter sigh when you're behind a slow pedestrian. If it's a tourist, you can sigh louder.

Never try to contact a Parisian when they're ______.

To contact a Parisian while they're on vacation is basically a sin. You'll be forever blocked from the Parisian's phone.

Parisian men love to be _____.

Parisian men love to be pretentious. The model for all Parisian men is Serge Gainsbourg.

In Paris, dress like _____.

In Paris, people tend to dress like those others in their neighborhood. See what other people are wearing, and try to do the same.

The best croissants are made with _______.

A truly great croissant is made with equal parts butter and criticism. When you eat it, enjoy it, but be a little smug about it.

At dinner parties, _____.

At dinner parties, it's important to find something to get angry about. Try to start a heated discussion about something.

The word "putain" is _____.

The word "putain," a derogatory word for "loose woman," is used quite frequently. It's a fairly strong expletive, so use with caution.

When lighting a cigarette, say ______.

When lighting a cigarette, nonchalantly say that you're quitting smoking. It's always important to be quitting while you're smoking.

Parisians love _____.

Parisians love their smart cars. The more beaten up it is by Parisian life, the better.

Do Parisians respect New York?

Parisians really do love New York, but they prefer Paris. Say, "New York c’est bien!"

Parisian women love to ____.

For Parisian women, it's all about playing hard to get. You want to pester and insult the man that you're interested in.

Never forget the art of ______.

Never forget the subtle art of complaining. It doesn't matter what you're complaining about, just be sure to complain about it.

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