35 Things Only True New Yorkers Know


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New Yorkers know a thing or two - if you're not a New Yorker, then you just don't get it. In this quiz, we'll see whether you're a real Manhattanite or just some guy from New Jersey.

Must you go to the Statue of Liberty?

No New Yorker has ever been to the Statue of Liberty. They know that it's not necessary because they can see it on the horizon every day.

Is it worth paying $14 for a cocktail?

All New Yorkers know that $14 for a cocktail is a good price. That's about the price for a movie, as well.

Must you go to the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center?

No New Yorker in their right mind is getting within ten blocks of that. No, no, no, no.

Is it all right to assault a cab?

Hitting a cab with an umbrella or fist happens to all us New Yorkers. As long as no one is hurt, just pretend that it didn't happen.

Is it okay to pay $1 for pizza?

Paying $1 for pizza is perfectly acceptable. In fact, it's delicious, and ridiculous to spend more.

Can you order takeout past midnight?

Yes, it's okay. Nay, you must. If you're drunk at 3am, ordering takeout is quite necessary.

Must you heed walk signs?

Walk signs are really just for decoration. It's best to just eyeball it, and if no one is coming, then you walk.

Which do you pair with a pastrami on rye?

Pastrami on rye can only be accompanied by spicy mustard. Do not utter the word mayonnaise in the same breath.

Do you enter the one empty subway car?

There is a reason that only one subway car has no people in it. It's an issue of either temperature or smell.

It is best to party when?

Weekends are when the tourists go out to party. New Yorkers like to party on weeknights.

When you order a "coffee regular," does it have milk and sugar?

The "coffee regular" actually has about three grams of sugar in it, plus a splash of milk.

What do you do before biting into a slice of pizza?

You have to fold the pizza slice before taking a bite out of it. There's really no other way to do it.

When horrible, things happen around you every day, you must do what?

We're not saying if someone is hurt or something like that. But if a homeless guy takes a dump on the street, you just keep walking.

What's the best meal of the day?

Brunch is a pastime in New York. In fact, it's almost a calling. If it's Saturday, then you must brunch.

What's the best way to get around?

Every New Yorker knows that walking is best. Nothing compares, and it sure does beat taking the subway.

How do you pronounce Houston?

You pronounce it House-ton, like a heavy house. Texas has it wrong.

Does an egg cream have egg in it?

The egg cream is a New York beverage that consists of milk, soda water and syrup. There are no eggs or cream in the egg cream.

Should you eat on the subway?

Just refrain. It's too crowded, and people will stare at your food. Find a park bench.

You don't wait "in line" you wait ______?

In New York, you don't wait in line, you wait on line. The lady at the cash register asks for the next customer on line.

Do you look at panhandlers?

You don't have to avoid eye contact with panhandlers. They won't bite. You just give them your money.

Are iconic NYC foods the best?

Examples include Shake Shack, Junior's cheesecake, John's pizza. These things are good, and you're proud of them, but they're not great.

What is more terrifying?

All New Yorkers know that rural areas are terrifying. The suburbs of Connecticut, however, are where you want to move to one day.

What do tourists look like?

New Yorkers know that tourists come in disguise. They try to look like New Yorkers, but we still can tell the difference.

What is "platforming"?

New Yorkers are experts at platforming. That means that you know where you need to stand on the platform to get the best access.

Is it okay to grocery shop at CVS?

Grocery shopping at CVS is perfectly acceptable. In fact, it means you can avoid the crowds at Whole Foods.

Which is worse?

Roaches are worse than mice, hands-down. When it comes to a mouse, you don't have to smash it and hear the crunch.

Should you always wear black?

It's a stereotype that all New Yorkers wear black all the time. But it's never a wrong choice.

Do New Yorkers prefer going to a bank?

What's the point? There's an ATM on every street corner. Are there even banks in Manhattan?

Summer is ______.

For New Yorkers, summer is a terrible season. In fact, most New Yorkers try to get out of town.

When tourists ask you for directions, it's a source of what?

Tourists are the bane of a New Yorker's existence. But when they ask for directions, they make a New Yorker feel proud and knowledgeable.

The worst part of New York is ______.

It's not just the worst part of New York, it's the most horrible place on Earth. It's just dreadful.

Fire hydrants are actually called what?

In New York, fire hydrants are known as pumps. You still can't park in front of a pump.

How do you order at a restaurant?

"Hey, let me get a..." is how to begin any order at a restaurant. Even in a fine restaurant, this is totally kosher.

When it comes to directions, New Yorkers are ______.

New Yorkers know their north, south, east and west. By looking up at tall buildings, you can tell where you are.

For New Yorkers, it's never too soon to discuss which of these?

Even meeting someone for the first time, it's perfectly okay to ask them how much they pay for rent. This can be done before you get to know someone.

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