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Sure, you probably know a little bit about Florida, but it would take a true Floridian to ace this quiz. Let's get started to find out how much you really know about the sunshine state.

Florida is known as the Sunshine State for good reason. Most of the state is a peninsula and the state is located closer to the equator than any other contiguous U.S. state, so there is lots of sun and tons of sandy beaches. Water sports, fishing and agriculture are major industries and pastimes in Florida. But the state is in trouble. Because Florida is only about a foot above sea level, global climate change is threatening to wreak havoc with the amount of coastal area that Florida has. This, combined with the hurricanes that hit Florida during each annual hurricane season from June to November means that the entire state might be under water far too soon.

But, for now, Florida continues to be a sunny tourist destination and the home of major theme park attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World.

So, do you consider yourself to be a true Floridian? Take this quiz to test your Florida knowledge and earn bragging rights among your friends.

Who is credited with discovering Florida?

Ponce de Leon is credited with discovering Florida. He was looking for the fountain of youth.


What body of water borders Florida to the east?

The Atlantic Ocean borders Florida to the east. Bordered on three sides by water, Florida is a peninsula.


Which of the following is Florida's nickname?

Florida is known as The Sunshine State. The combination of proximity to the equator and the water ensure that it's like a vacation all year 'round.


What is the state capital of Florida?

Tallahassee is the capital city of Florida. Cincinnati and Columbus are both in Ohio.


What popular drink was named after the Florida Gators?

Gatorade was named after the University of Florida Gators football team. The drink was developed at the University.


What agricultural product is Florida best known for?

Florida is best known for oranges, but they also grow other citrus fruits. The orange is actually a hybrid of the pomelo and the mandarin.


What endangered species is common in Florida?

Alligators are common in Florida. These toothy reptiles are very aggressive.


True or False? About half of all MLB teams do spring training in Florida.

This is true. About half of all MLB teams do their spring training in Florida. This bunch of teams is known as the Grapefruit League.


Florida means "land of flowers" in what language?

Florida is Spanish for "land of flowers." Florida still has a large Spanish influence.


Which of the following countries did not fight over Florida in the 1700s?

Russia did not fight over Florida. Spain and England battled for Florida and traded control several times.


What Disney theme park is located in Florida?

Disney World is located in Florida. Disneyland is located in California.


What body of water is to the west of Florida?

The Gulf of Mexico is to the west of Florida. Bordered on three sides by water, Florida is a peninsula.


In what year did Florida enter the Union?

Florida entered the Union in 1845. Florida was the 27th to become a state.


What was Ponce de Leon looking for when he discovered Florida?

Ponce de Leon was looking for the fountain of youth when he discovered Florida. We're assuming he never found it.


Florida is a/an _______.

The majority of the state of Florida is a peninsula. A peninsula is a piece of land surrounded by water but still connected to land.


Which of the following states is NOT located on the northern border of Florida?

Both Alabama and Georgia border Florida to the north. California is located on the west coast.


Does Florida have a hockey team?

In fact, Florida has two NHL teams: the Florida Panthers and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Florida also has two NBA teams.


What type of weather is rare in Florida?

Snowfall is rare in Florida. However, there are times when some snowfall is recorded in the northern parts of the state.


Florida is very near what country?

Cuba is less than 500 miles south of Florida. The state of Florida has a large Cuban population.


Which of the following Major League Baseball teams is NOT located in Florida?

The Florida Marlins and the Tampa Bay Rays both call Florida home. The Los Angeles Dodgers are located in California.


What is Florida's official state bird?

The mockingbird is Florida's official state bird. The mockingbird gets its name because it mimics the sounds other birds make.


Florida red tide is caused by what?

Florida red tide is caused by toxic algae. This is a problem off the southwest coast of the state.


Florida is more likely than any other state to be affected by what type of weather?

Florida is hit by more hurricanes than any other U.S. state. Hurricane season is June to November.


What modern convenience helped populate Florida?

Air conditioning helped entice settlers to Florida in the mid-1900s. Before that, many considered Florida too hot to want to settle there.


Walt Disney World Resort is located in what Florida city?

Walt Disney World Resort is located in Kissimmee, Florida, near Orlando.


What Spanish expatriates settled in Florida?

Florida is well known for its Cuban communities. The Cuban influences are strong in Florida culture.


What is the state flower of Florida?

The orange blossom is Florida's state flower. They do grow a lot of oranges in Florida.


Most people in Florida speak what language?

Most people in Florida speak English - about 70%. About 20% of the people in Florida speak Spanish as a first language.


What is the official state animal of Florida?

The official state animal of Florida is the Florida panther--a subspecies of cougar.


What is the official amphibian of Florida?

The barking tree frog is the official amphibian of Florida.


True or False? Bears are not native to Florida.

There are bears in Florida. Once somewhat rare in the state, there are now more than 3,000 statewide.


Florida supplies more of what farm supply than any other state?

Florida supplies nearly 75% of the phosphate used by U.S. farmers. Phosphate mining is the state's third largest industry.


Florida sells more of what than any other state?

Florida sells more powerboats than any other state. Powerboat sales gross nearly two billion dollars annually.


What large sea mammal gives birth near Florida?

The North Atlantic right whale gives birth only near the coasts of Florida and Georgia. These whales are the most endangered whale species in the world.


How many NFL teams are located in Florida?

There are three NFL teams in Florida. These teams are the Miami Dolphins. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.


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