Which Vice President Are You?

Steven Miller

Image: Collage; Mike Pence, Joe Biden, Nelson Rockefeller

About This Quiz

Whether you're conservative or liberal, let's take a look at those who have held the second-highest office in the land to see which one best fits your beliefs and character traits.

Which label best fits your political views?

Is your aim to be President one day?

How likely are you to be involved in a scandal?

Where do you stand on LGBT rights?

How do you feel about taxes?

Would you eat dinner with a member of the opposite sex without your significant other?

Which state best fits your personality?

Would you say you're more laid-back or uptight?

How good is your sense of humor?

How likely are you to ride public transportation?

How would you describe the financial situation you grew up in?

What are your thoughts on funding the military?

Where do you stand on DACA (the immigration policy affecting "Dreamers")?

How do you feel about the topic of the gerrymandering of districts?

Which presidential candidate was most appealing in 2016 to you?

Do you believe that the arts should be funded nationally?

Which career would have fit you the best if you weren't Vice President?

What are your thoughts on public education?

What are your thoughts on conservation, public land, and parks?

Where do you stand on welfare programs?

Which famous U.S. President are you most like?

How do you feel about Confederate statues being removed?

How well would you say you are able to compromise?

How well can you keep a secret?

What are your thoughts on healthcare?

Should marijuana be made legal?

Do you think Russia was involved in hacking the 2016 election?

Which decade do you think you would have thrived the most in?

How tall are you?

Which national holiday do you like the most?

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