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Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome to the 1970s musical quiz in which we'll test your knowledge of stage and screen sing-alongs. From cartoons to (you guessed it!) "Cabaret," we guarantee you'll end this with a song stuck in your head.

What 1970 musical took its title from a matter of fact statement?

It's called "I Love My Wife." They must've binned the title "I Forgot to Take Out the Recycling This Week, but It's Not Like a Big Thing or Whatever."


What was "I Love My Wife" about?

How '70s can you get? It's a musical about swingers.


Who directed the 1972 film version of "Cabaret"?

Fosse directed and choreographed the original Broadway show as well.


Where is "Cabaret" set?

It's set in 1930s Berlin.


Who played Don Quixote in the 1972 film "Man of La Mancha"?

O'Toole dreamed the impossible dream.


What still-popular throwback musical premiered in 1971?

The Broadway production "Grease" premiered in the early 1970s.


Who was NOT involved in the original Broadway run of "Grease"?

While Channing has earned her Broadway chops, she wasn't associated with the original production.


When did the film version of "Grease" debut?

Sandy and Danny first danced their way through the film in '78.


What 1976 musical film is actually a remake of films made in 1937 and 1954?

The Streisand feature was preceded by two other "A Star Is Born" films.


"Jesus Christ Superstar" debuted on Broadway in 1970. Who wrote the music for it?

It's got Webber's prints all over it.


What event is "Jesus Christ Superstar" centered around?

It's about Jesus' last week, not about Jesus fronting a rock band.


What was the (English) name of a French musical film that came out in 1970?

"<i>Peau d'Ane</i>" was a retelling of a fairy tale.


The film version of "Hair" came out in 1979. What acclaimed director helmed the film?

Forman went on to direct "Amadeus," another (kind of?) musical film.


The 1977 film adaptation of "A Little Night Music" featured the music and lyrics of what famous composer?

It features the music of Stephen Sondheim, including the famous "Send in the Clowns."


What glamorous star got to sing "Send in the Clowns" in the film?

Taylor sung "Send in the Clowns." The film got mixed reviews in general.


What retelling of a classic story made its film debut in 1978?

The Sidney Lumet-directed film, "The Wiz," became a cult hit.


When did "The Wiz" first come to Broadway?

The original Broadway production, which premiered in 1974, was much more critically acclaimed than the film version.


What friendly children's figure had his feature him debut in 1977?

"The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" came out in 1977, including the classic "Winnie the Pooh" theme.


Pooh isn't the only animal who made it onto the big screen in a splashy musical in the '70s. Who had their first feature film in 1979?

Kermit, Miss Piggy and the gang starred in 1979's "The Muppet Movie."


Let's move to Broadway. What '70s smash musical was adapted from a 1926 play based on real people and events?

The satirical "Chicago" was based on a play written by a reporter.


What actor, who later established himself on a long-running television series, was nominated for a Tony for his "Chicago" performance?

Jerry Orbach was the original Billy Flynn.


What other huge musical made its Broadway debut in 1975?

"A Chorus Line" won nine Tonys.


What other big prize did "A Chorus Line" receive in 1976?

It won the Pulitzer for drama that year.


What kid-friendly musical opened on Broadway in 1977?

We all learned that it was a hard-knock life in 1977.


"Ain't Misbehavin'" opened on Broadway in 1978. Who wrote the song the musical revue is named for?

Waller wrote "Ain't Misbehavin'." The show started as a cabaret before moving to Broadway.


Fill in the blank: The 1978 Broadway musical that earned six Tony nominations was "The Best Little ____ in Texas"?

It was about a brothel.


Who was the subject of the 1979 Tony Award for best musical?

"Evita," based on actress and politician Eva Peron's life, first opened on the West End but came to Broadway a year later.


Bob Fosse was busy in the '70s. What other Broadway hit did he direct and choreograph in 1972?

Fosse received Tonys for his direction and choreography in "Pippin."


What '70s musical involves the character of Jesus introducing intermission?

"Godspell," naturally.


Who played the desperate baker Mrs. Lovett in the original Broadway cast of "Sweeney Todd" in 1979?

Lansbury played Mrs. Lovett. The demon barber of Seville was a Stephen Sondheim hit.


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