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By: Khadija Leon
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Food fairs are a type of festival which are held to highlight and celebrate different kinds of food. Usually held every year in towns, cities and states all around the world, hundreds, if not thousands of people show up to show off their new creations and many more show up to taste it.  

If you have been to a few food fairs, you would notice that every year, the creativity of the recipes increases and some of the classics that we know and love have almost become unrecognizable. 

From classics like ice cream and cotton candy which have been infused with flavors like corn and apple, to grilled cheese sandwiches and Coca-cola which have been deep fried to the bizarre like Kool-aid infused pickles, frog legs, cookie fries and cheesecake on a stick. 

Will you be able to recognize some of the classic food fair foods if you were given an image of them? Would you also be able to identify some of the newer food which seem to be popping up all over the country? The only way to test your knowledge of some of the most popular foods served at food fairs is to take this quiz!

Cotton candy, sometimes called fairy floss, is a type of spun sugar which food coloring has been added to. The treasured treat is made by heating the sugar causing it to liquefy only to resolidify as small strand which are then spun onto a stick.

Funnel cake is a type of food which is served at carnivals, fairs, sporting events and in theme parks. It is made by pouring a type of batter into hot oil through a funnel giving it its unique name and texture.

Corn dogs are a type of sausage which has been placed on a stick then coated with a thick cornmeal batter and is then deep fried. There have been many variants, some of which have different batters and others which use different types of hotdogs.

Popcorn is a type of corn kernel which puff up once heated. Cheddar popcorn is one of the many variants and is made by using different types of powered cheeses to coat the puffed seeds.

Onion rings are typically served as a side dish or appetizer and are made all over the world. They are made by cutting onions in a cross-sectional shape then dipping them into a batter and then deep-frying them.

Shaved ice is an ice-based dessert which is made by shaving blocks of ice then adding some type of flavoring, sauce and fruit. It is often mistaken for a snow cone which is made from crushed and not shaved ice.

Beignets are a French pastry made from deep frying choux pastry. Some people make them from other types of pastries and they are then covered in confectionary sugar and accompanied by some type of sauce or filling.

Pizza is a traditional Italian dish made from a type of yeasted flatbread and is usually topped with tomato sauce, cheese, vegetables or meat and then baked in an oven. In more recent years, there have been gluten free and cheese-less pizzas being made and sold.

Pulled pork sandwiches are a type of sandwich which is made using pork that has been cooked very slowly, at low temperatures, for hours. The meat becomes so tender that is can be easily “pulled” apart into smaller pieces.

Toffee apples, also referred to as candy apples, are a type of candy which is made from whole apples which have been dipped in a layer of sugar or toffee. Commonly served during fall and at different festivals, they are also available at supermarkets and stores around the country.

Churros are a Spanish and Portuguese treat which is made from frying choux pastry. The dough is piped into thin long strips and after it is fried, it is dipped in a cinnamon mixture. It is usually eaten for breakfast and can be dipped in coffee and hot chocolate.

Slush, sometimes called a slushy, is a beverage made from frozen juice. Typically seen inside of food shops, gas stations and carnivals, this drink can be made in every flavor imaginable and even from carbonated beverages.

Nachos are a Mexican dish which consists of tortilla chips that have been covered with a cheese-based sauce; it is usually eaten as a snack. Loaded nachos, on the other hand, consist of an abundance of toppings, large enough to be considered a meal.

Tacos are a traditional Mexican dish which is made using a corn or wheat tortilla which has been partially filled with meat, vegetables, cheese and some type of salsa and/or chili.

Bratwurst is a type of German sausage which is made from different types of meat, some of which include beef, pork or veal. There are over 40 variants of the sausage, many of which are eaten at carnivals and different festivals.

Kebabs are a Middle Eastern dish which is made from skewering different kinds of meat and grilling them on an open flame. In some variations, people add vegetables and fruits with the meat or they can be served on their own.

Carnivals and fair vendors are known for thinking out of the box, but one of their most unique offerings is the deep fried twinkie. Already an American favorite, the treat is coated with a batter then fried. It can also be found in the freezer aisle in certain stores.

Chicken and waffles is an American dish which describes exactly what it is, chicken and waffles. Typically classified as soul food, it can topped with some kind of syrup or sauce once cooked.

Frozen bananas are a treat made by inserting a popsicle stick into a cut banana and is later frozen after it has been dipped into some kind of mixture. These mixtures vary from chocolate and nuts to yogurt and sprinkles.

Turkey legs are roughly the size of a human’s forearm and are almost impossible to eat on one’s own, but they are one of the most popular foods sold at fairs. They can be roasted, barbequed, deep fried and stewed.

Apple pie is a type of pie crust which has been filled with a mixture of sugar, apples, cinnamon and covered by a pastry lattice. The apple pie is usually served with whipped cream and a side of ice cream.

An ice cream cone is a cone-shaped casing made from a wafer and allows the eater to hold ice cream without using a spoon. Ice cream cones are now being made from many things, some of which include Rice Krispie treats, chocolate and even cookies.

Elephant ears, better known as palmier, is a French pastry which is shaped like a palm leaf (or butterfly when two are placed together). They are made from puff pastry which has been laminated, similar to that of a croissant.

One of the many foods that is fried at food fairs is macaroni and cheese. This treat is very popular among kids; the macaroni is fried into bite sized balls or squares, making it very easy to eat.

Lemonade is a type of sweet beverage which is made using water, lemons and some type of sweetener. The drink is very popular around the world and is available in carbonate beverage form and bottled juice.

Grilled cheese sandwiches are an American classic which consists of a buttered bread and cheese sandwich which is placed in a hot pan until the cheese has melted. At some fairs, the sandwich has been deep-fried, which adds to its crunchiness and caloric value.

Sloppy Joe Dogs are a variation of the classic hotdog, because it is combined iwith a sloppy joe recipe. The dog is topped with the sloppy joe mix which is then topped by a cheese sauce and other condiments.

Doughnuts are a type of fried dough treat which is very popular around the world. Many of them are topped with some kind of sugar, chocolate or icing, and there are others which have been filled with some type of jam or jelly. There is also a doughnut covered in gold foil and is worth an estimated $100.

Many people love eating roasted corn at fairs, but one of the new twists which seems to be popping up all over the country is bacon wrapped corn. The corn is wrapped with the strip of bacon and the two are roasted together.

The jalapeno peppers can be cut or served whole and are dipped into a batter of flour, eggs, pepper, salt, garlic and beer and are then deep fried. This food is not for everyone as things can heat up very quickly.

At food fairs, you can find almost any type of food on a stick and one of those is frozen cheesecake. The already popular dessert is frozen onto a popsicle stick and can then be dipped in chocolate and covered in a variety of toppings.

A cream puff, also known as a profiterole, is a choux pastry ball which has been filled with cream, custard or ice cream. It is usually decorated with chocolate or caramel sauce or can be left plain.

This food is made by creating your favorite guacamole recipe, then rolling it into small balls, after which it is dipped into crushed chips then fried. When you are done, you get your favorite guacamole and chips in one bite-sized treat.

Poutine is a Canadian (specifically from Quebec) dish which consists of French fries which have been topped with cheese curds and brown gravy. The dish has been adopted in many regions and there are also several variations of the dish.

Fried coke is a frozen batter which has been flavored with Coca-Cola, deep fried and later topped with whipped cream, cherries, a Coca-Cola syrup and cinnamon sugar. First seen in 2006 at a state fair, the treat is now sold worldwide.

Deep fried birthday cake is a food fair treat whose recipe requires an extra cup of flour in order to thicken the batter and to give it some shape. Others prefer to fry the pre-baked food which gives it more contrasting textures.

This food fair snack is made by grilling bacon on a skewer then covering it with a thick layer of chocolate sauce. It is advised that maple glazed bacon should be eaten by those with a more complex flavor palate.

One of the strangest foods to come out of state fairs is the Kool-Aid pickle. Now a people’s favorite, the snack is made from soaking pickles in a strong mixture of Kool-Aid for at least one week.

Beef patties are a type of pastry which has been filled with ground beef and spices and baked until the crust is flaky. There are other varieties which can be filled with anything from other types of meat to vegetables and fruit.

One of the many types of meat on display at food fairs is frog legs. While most of them are fried, some people prefer to have them barbecued and eaten off a skewer. The meat, which many people are scared to try, is said to taste like chicken.

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