Secrets Behind 25 of the World’s Most Famous Paintings

Teresa McGlothlin

Image: WikiCommons by Jan van Eyck [Public domain]

About This Article

Unlike the paintings you might find down at the local craft fair, some of the world's most famous paintings hold hidden secrets. From the painted over portraits of Van Gogh and Seurat to the tiny words and symbols found only with a magnifying glass, some of the paintings you love the most are more than surface deep. After you read through the things we've discovered, you'll never look at these works of art in the same way again! 

Whether you are an avid art connoisseur or you just like looking at pretty pictures, you are going to expand your knowledge of both the arts and history when these secrets are revealed to you. Throughout history, artists have been known to break the rules and to hold strong opinions about the society around them. Some of the mysterious things found in these paintings will intrigue you and give you a deeper insight into the thoughts of some of the world's biggest talents. 

Each of the masterpieces you'll see portrays something different, but their secrets have been revealed. With new technologies emerging, we're certain that there will be more discoveries. For now, we hope you'll enjoy cracking the code of some of the world's most beloved works.

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