Retro NFL Logos That No Longer Exist

Ian Fortey

Image: WikiCommons

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The NFL has come a long way from where it started. One need only look to see the stats of teams like the Akron Pros or the Dayton Triangles to realize that. The league has been shaken up, expanded, reshuffled, moved and altered numerous times over its history as have many of the teams that once played in it. Some are long since gone, while others have been renamed or sent to new cities. Nothing of the NFL today looks like the NFL of 90 years ago, or 50 years ago, and barely even 20 years ago for many teams. You have to change to stay current and fresh. Old logos fall out of favor because they look dated, they've been around forever, and fans start to associate them with the way things used to be. 

Teams need to breathe new life into the franchises now and then, and a logo overhaul is a great way to do that. But some of those older logos had a charm to them. Of course, some of them were just terrible, but hey, it was a different time. No one likes clothes from the '80s anymore, but they were cool back in the day. So let's check out what the NFL thought was cool back in the day by taking a look at some retro logos.

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