Everything Removed From Fortnite in Chapter 2

Eric Piwowar

Image: Epic Games

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The black hole is no more! And with that comes a whole new world full of fishing, swimming, boats, carrying your teammates, and of course battle royale awesomeness. But while everyone has been focused on what's been added to the game, not a lot of people have considered what has been removed!

Don't get us wrong, we're all relieved we can drop in with our squads again. Being forced to play new games and find new streamers to watch was fun for a little while, but thank the Epic gods that our favorite shooter is back where it belongs - a top of the Twitch most viewed section. Ok, it never really disappeared from there because 2 million people were willing to watch a black hole for 24 hours, but the game is back!!!

So let's dig and figure out exactly what we'll be playing without this time around. Will chug jugs still be available? How about the healing powers of camp fires spread across the map? We were always fans of stink bombs, hopefully those are still around! Keep reading and maybe this insider info will help you get your first win on the brand spanking new map!

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