25 Incredible Stories of Heroic Animals Saving the Day

Bambi Turner

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Those tales of Timmy falling down the well (again?) and Lassie heading off to notify the family played well to '50s TV fans, but dogs can't actually save the day in real life, right? Turns out, they can, and so can plenty of other species, from whales and gorillas to goats, cats and even pigeons! These extraordinary stories reveal heroic actions by animals big and small, from a bird that warned of a choking toddler to a whale that pulled a drowning diver to safety from deep beneath the waves.

As you marvel at the stories you're about to read, take a moment to consider everyday animal heroes. They might not make headlines, but creatures of all kinds are put to the test day in and day out. guiding the blind or disabled, assisting law enforcement, sniffing out bombs, easing anxiety, performing difficult search and rescue operations and serving as a source of comfort after a major tragedy.

Are you ready to learn how a small dog or a wayward goat can save a human from certain death? Read on to explore incredible stories of heroic animals and how they fared against impossible odds.

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