25 Bold Predictions for the 2019 NFL Season

Beth Hendricks

Image: Wiki Commons by Lorie Shaull

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By the time the first official NFL game of the season rolls around on Sept. 5, we will have survived 214 days without an official teams-running-out-of-the-locker-room, standing-in-line-for-beer-at-halftime, cheering-until-our-voices-are-shot NFL game. That's not to say the off-season hasn't been entertaining (we're looking at you, Antonio Brown). It has. Oh, it has. But, no amount of ESPN chatter from February to September can take the place of Sunday's predictions and Monday's after-game analysis.

Hey, speaking of predictions ... what if we made some of our own? We're students of the game (Go! Fight! Win!) and we definitely have some ideas about how we think the 2019 edition of the National Football League might go. No, we're not going to predict that the Patriots make it to (and win) their seventh world championship. Too predictable. Nor are we going to predict pain and suffering for the fans of the perennial league bottom-dwellers (team names withheld to protect the guilty).

Instead, let's celebrate the start of another season with some bold, over-the-top predictions. Hit or miss, right or wrong, here's how the NFL season is going to play out, pulled from inside our crystal ball. (And no, Eagles fans, we don't see Super Bowl LIV in your future so settle down.)

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