What Is Your Psychological Age?
by Steven Miller


Have you ever been told that you act older or younger than you are? For some of us, the number of candles on our last birthday cake is irrelevant. Sometimes, our actual age doesn’t match how old we really feel.

While society places certain expected behaviors on different age groups, it’s always measured in a number of years. Whether you feel your age or not depends on your true psychological age. Your behaviors, actions, and emotional responses can be older or younger than those expected from your age group. The way you’ve lived your life, your attitude, and your chosen activities can greatly affect your mental age.

Perhaps you’ve been told that you have a lot of energy for someone your age. Maybe you’ve been told to stop acting like you’re old. Either way, it’s time you know how old you are mentally, not physically! This psychological age quiz is designed to peer into your behaviors. Depending on how you handle yourself and the choices you make, we’ll help you find the age you are inside. Your birth certificate may tell you that you are aging, but your psychological age may let you live forever! Take the quiz to find out if you are a wise old soul, a spritely young adventurer, or something else!


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