Pick Your Favorite Movie from Each Series, and We'll Guess the Exact Year You Were Born
by Zoe Samuel


It used to be the case that most movies enjoying the privilege of a wide theatrical release were one-off originals that told a story and then ended it. Occasionally there would be a trilogy or a franchise that acted as a sort of umbrella under which different movies existed in a kind of glorious isolation. Crossovers were relatively rare, and the idea of a full cinematic universe was simply beyond the ambition of the technology, the distribution methods, and the opportunities for fans to connect in an age before the internet existed.

Times have changed, however, and we have progressed from mere trilogies to whole cinematic universes. Movies like "Rogue One" co-exist with trilogies like the original "Star Wars" (Episodes IV, V, and VI), while prequels, sequels, and threequels abound. However, we all have a favorite within these cinematic universes. 

Perhaps you're a "Dark Knight Rises" aficionado, or you really love the campy silliness of the second "Back to the Future" movie. Maybe "Ant-Man" rocked your world in a way that other Marvel movies couldn't quite manage. 

There's always that one movie that you can watch again and again, that could exist in isolation, and you'd still love it. Which one that is tells us a lot about you - not least when you were born. So tell us about the movie you love most, and we'll guess your birth year!


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