89% Of People Can't Identify All 50 '80s Movies From Just One Screenshot. Can You?
by Ana Todorovic


Two Star Wars movies, two Indiana Jones films and E.T the Extra-Terrestrial? What does that spell? Why, the '80s of course!

What a time it was for Hollywood. The idea of blockbusters had just come about a few years before the decade hit, and movie execs ran with it- all the way to the bank (and their own private islands). It was a time when directors and story writers were not afraid to look outside the box for ideas.

George Lucas's first Star Wars film, A New Hope, had come out three years before the start of the decade and made a killing of over $775 million, surpassing the highest-grossing movie of all time, which at that time was the shark thriller Jaws.

Although none of the films in the '80s came close to Star Wars' success, some were very impressive. The two Star Wars films made in that decade grossed $599 million collectively, and the Indiana Jones films made $376 million. E.T. took the first place price, grossing $435 million when it was released in 1982.

With all the numbers and facts we just listed, are you primed enough to identify the rest of the successes, as well as some of the fails of the movie world in the '80s?


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